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Helping producers save up to 80% on heating costs

In this competitive and innovative marketplace, Triple Green Energy is committed to the growth and success of the poultry industry. We are proud to help producers save up to 80% on heating costs, while providing economical mortality management to produce high quality compost.

Let’s work together to cut down on waste and the environmental impact from production operations!

Green Air Heat

Green Air Heat is a forced air biomass heating system that utilizes natural resources to create heat. This results in drier air, healthier poultry and increased profits for producers. Furnaces range in size from 500,000 – 2,000,000 BTU fully automated systems with auto ash removal. The refractory lined fire chamber can burn multiple biomass fuels with 50% fuel moisture including poultry litter, wood chips, shavings, screenings and agricultural waste, etc.


Poultry producers deal with mortality management on a daily basis. Loss of animal production is an unfortunate reality which requires appropriate measures be taken in order to prevent the spread of disease, odour and pest problems, as well as contamination of ground and water.

The BioRoter Compost Digester is a large in-vessel compost digestion system, which processes mortalities into compost in 7 to 14 days.

The BioRoter Compost Digester is here to help your operation:

  • Reduce bio-security risks, destroying pathogens during the composting process
  • Produce high quality compost that can be used as soil amendment, natural fertilizer,
    bedding material and natural soil erosion control
  • Realize substantial cost savings associated with operational waste management


  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Automated continuous processing
  • Insulated models optional


  • Economical mortality management
  • Reduce risk of disease causing pathogens and other organisms
  • Produce high quality compost
  • Reduce/Eliminate odour
  • Eliminate leaching and ground contamination

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