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Triple Green Energy provides industry leading solutions to greenhouse growers across North America, substantially lowering heating costs while reducing the impact on our environment. A challenge for many greenhouse operators is keeping up with high operational heating costs. While necessary for success, these costs are detrimental to profits. Our team of professionals will assist you in every step of the project – from understanding your needs to finding the right system for your budget and requirements, through to installation and exceptional ongoing customer service. Triple Green Energy takes pride in our craftsmanship, service and maintaining relationships to serve our customers better.

Triple Green Flame (formerly chain grate stoker) is a world class combustion system engineered and manufactured by SCW Manufacturing in Canada. Our system has the innovative ability to utilize multiple biomass fuels to generate hot water or steam, while maintaining high efficiency and low emissions.

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Featured Installation:

Vanderveen’s – Carman, Manitoba

Vanderveen’s Greenhouses Ltd. is one of the largest greenhouse operations on the prairies, who were faced with a dilemma shared by many greenhouse growers. “Gas prices for heating were skyrocketing, we weren’t sure if we could economically stay open and keep growing throughout the winters anymore,” says Kelvin Vanderveen. “We needed to find an alternative source of heating.” Their solution was found in converting to a Triple Green Flame biomass furnace system, using flax shives as a fuel source. Vanderveen’s chose to use flax as it is grown in large quantities in the area, with a nearby plant (Schweitzer-Mauduit Canada Inc.) processing flax.


  • World class combustion systems made in Canada
  • Replace fossil fuels with readily available biomass fuels
  • Size ranging from 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 BTU
  • Hot water or forced air units
  • Over 120 successful installations in North America
  • Save 50-80% on heating costs
  • Fully automated with low maintenance


  • Highly efficient
  • Low emission of particulate matter
  • Cost savings benefit compared to other fuel sources
  • Compatible with multiple biomass fuel sources including straw, wood pellets, wood chips, sun flower hulls, oat hulls, poultry litter, flax shive, etc.
  • Use stand alone or integrate with an existing central heating system to provide space heating and process hot water or steam.

Biomass heating system components generally include:

  • Fuel receiving
  • Fuel storage
  • Fuel transfer to combustion system
  • Combustion chamber
  • Heat exchanger
  • Ash removal & storage
  • Exhaust system including fly ash collection & exhaust stack
  • Controls & safety system
  • Back-up with conventional fuel source
  • Heat distribution network (hot water or steam piping)
There are multiple types of heating available to greenhouse growers, the most common being hot water systems. The advantages of hot water and steam heating become apparent in large greenhouse operations with central heat provided by boilers. Pipes heated with hot water are used to circulate under the benches to heat rooting media, without heating the air. Hot water heat creates favourable air currents in greenhouses, controlling the air currents which is critical to the growth of healthy plants. With proper fans and temperatures growers are able to maintain and produce quality plants throughout the entire greenhouse. Hot water heat systems can also be used to heat irrigation water, preventing cold water shock to the plants.

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