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Lower heating costs, while reducing the impact on our environment

Communities across North America including First Nations and Hutterite Colonies are utilizing Triple Green Energy products and technology to lower heating costs, while reducing the impact on our environment. Commonly dependant on natural gas and diesel fuel, many communities are falling victim to rising prices and unavoidable carbon taxes. Triple Green Energy biomass furnace systems are a cost effective, clean energy solution for remote northern communities as well as Hutterite Colonies.

Central Heating Systems

Hutterite Colonies

Hutterite Colonies are leading the way in the use of biomass for heat and energy. Recent government restrictions on the use of coal and carbon taxes have resulted in many Hutterite colonies upgrading and transitioning to Triple Green Energy biomass heating systems.
Colonies have started installing our large-scale biomass furnace systems with adjoining fuel storage buildings. Triple Green Energy furnace systems are fully equipped with “walking floor- type” feed systems, allowing a variety of bulk biomass fuels to be used. Biomass fuel sources include wood chips, sawdust, cattail, grass, shredded pallets, oat hulls and other naturally sourced waste material.
Our hydraulically operated walking floors load biomass fuel into a conveyor, from where the material is fed into augers. Augers move biomass into the boiler as needed.

Triple Green Energy biomass furnace systems are efficient and clean burning, exceeding requirements for proper filtration systems. Filtration systems ensure particulates and ash meet local emission standards. Triple Green Energy systems are automated and made to suit the tech savvy world, having the option to be operated and monitored via smartphone or tablet.

First Nation Communities

There are over 630 First Nation communities in Canada relying on diesel fuel as their main power source. Emitting large amounts of greenhouse gases, the use of diesel fuel for energy production has been shown to negatively impact air quality and have adverse effects on the environment. Triple Green Energy biomass furnace systems generate heat and energy, providing a viable alternative to diesel fuel in First Nations communities. This in turn creates local job opportunities and economic growth, along with a revitalization to the forestry industry. Having biomass energy readily available in First Nations communities considerably reduces transportation costs making it a long term viable solution.

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