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The cannabis production industry is growing at a rapid pace. Licensed cannabis producers are required to adhere to strict regulations regarding the disposal of waste, resulting from cultivation. Triple Green Energy’s BioRoter Compost Digester ensures that operations remain compliant, while cutting down on waste and the environmental impact from production. Health Canada recognizes the BioRoter Compost Digester as one of the best methods to denature cannabis waste.

The BioRoter Compost Digester is here to help your operation:

  • Reduce bio-security risks, destroying pathogens during the composting process
  • Produce high quality compost that can be used as soil amendment, natural fertilizer,
    bedding material and natural soil erosion control
  • Realize substantial cost savings associated with operational waste management

Industry leader Indiva has taken the matter of environmental sustainability and protecting our planet seriously. Using the BioRoter Compost Digester to denature all waste plant material and destroy pathogens, while creating high quality compost is just one way INDIVA is breaking ground in this competitive and innovative marketplace.

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