Triple Green Energy products and systems are manufactured with efficient designs, materials and processes. Confidence in our equipment is based on years of expertise and experience, along with continuous innovation. This enables us to provide our customers with superior performance and reliability at affordable prices.

Central Heating Systems

District heating systems can provide space heating and domestic hot water for large office buildings, schools, colleges, hotels, hospitals, apartment complexes and other municipal and institutional buildings. The system can also heat neighborhoods. Pictures

Greenhouse Projects

One of the largest costs of operation is heating. Triple Green Flame Stoker has developed some of the industry’s best design solutions to lower heating costs. Our design team can assist you in determining which system is right for your greenhouse operation and budget. Pictures

Industrial Projects

The use of biomass (primarily wood chips, wood pellets, MSW or agricultural residue) for Industrial application is becoming very popular. Primarily it is used to replace fossil fuels with the use of biomass. Many companies across Canada and the USA have chosen to embrace Triple Green Flame Stoker™ technology to lower their operating costs and reduce their impact on the environment. 

School Projects

This project was set out to demonstrate the viability of linking up the central hot water biomass boiler system with number of existing buildings in the centre of a college. The system design called for the construction of a central biomass boiler plant in a carefully selected location, chosen for good access for biomass fuel deliveries, while minimizing the costs of hot water piping distribution. Read the story of Providence College from the Winnipeg Free Press here

Agricultural Projects

The agricultural heating system is primarily used as a central system dedicated to the generation and distribution of heat to multiple agricultural buildings and grain drying applications. The use of coal or biomass (primarily wood chips, wood pellets, MSW or agricultural residue) for agricultural heating applications has increased significantly since the first systems came into operation.

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