ORC Generators

Triple Green Energy biomass furnace systems are efficient and clean burning, exceeding requirements for proper filtration systems. We have three models including our own TGC brand in addition to Triple Green Flame and Green Air Heat which are manufactured by SCW Manufacturing, for whom we are the exclusive North American distributor. Filtration systems ensure particulates and ash meet local emission standards. Triple Green Energy systems are automated and made to suit the tech savvy world, having the option to be operated and monitored via smartphone or tablet.

ElectraTherm ORC generators operate in conjunction with our biomass furnace systems, utilizing excess biomass heat to produce electricity.

Standard Features and Specifications:

  • Fully automated controls with remote monitoring and operating capabilities
  • Induction generator with power factor correction for easy grid capabilities
  • Simple maintenance, with no gearbox or oil pump
  • NEMA 3R / IP 54 compliant enclosure for outdoor use
  • Sound attenuated option: <72db at 1 meter
  • CE certified
  • Brazed plate heat exchangers
  • Robust, twin screw expander power block
  • Patented in-process lubrication

Baseload Renewable Energy from Biomass in California

Efficient Energy Solutions

Our Power Solution is a waste heat generator that converts heat energy into electrical power using the Organic Rankine Cycle. The power generated by our ORC improves energy efficiency with no fuel costs and no additional emissions. Waste heat sources are widely available in almost any market and there are many easily identified sources including boilers, engine exhaust, heat stacks and flares burning landfill or digester gases.

The ORC integrates well known technologies into a unique generator design. Using an expander turbine coupled with a high speed alternator the ORC converts energy more efficiently than systems using a conventional generator. The efficiency of our ORC allows for more units of energy to be generated per unit of waste energy input. The main driver for all energy efficiency improvements is to save money by reducing energy demand.

Simply stated every unit of energy wasted is an equal unit of wasted cash. The more efficient the conversion process of waste heat to electricity the more cash is saved. Typically, a generation upgrade using an ORC has a payback period of less than 3 years.

Because many governments classify electrical generation from waste heat as a renewable energy form, additional carbon and renewable energy credits may also be received further increasing economic returns. This makes installing an ORC a responsible decision both economically and environmentally.

Core Technology Advantages:

  • High Speed Generator – High Efficiency and Reliability
  • Hermetically Sealed – Higher Reliability
  • Single Moving Part – High Reliability
  • Magnetic Bearings – High Efficiency and Reliability
  • No Lubrication System – Reduced Parasitic Losses, Higher Reliability
  • Power Electronics – Simplified Synchronization with Utility or Other Generator
  • Variable Speed Operation – Optimized Cycle Efficiency at Operating Point
  • Modular Design – Simplifies Design Integration

Design Standards:

  • Piping ASME B31.1
  • Heat Exchangers ASME VIII/PED
  • Electrical Enclosures NEMA1/IP23 System
  • Refrigerant – R245FA (Non-ozone depleting)
  • Controls – PLC based
  • Remote Monitoring – Web based gateway
  • Operation – Designed for local & remote control
  • Packaged solutions available

Your Efficient Energy Solutions Partner

Power Solutions:

  • Pressurized Hot Water to Power (249° F inlet)
  • Electrical Output Gross 125kWe
  • Waste Heat Conditions
  • Inlet Temp 249° F 120.6° C
  • Outlet Temp 225° F 107.2° C
  • Input Energy 2,850,000 BTU/hr 835.3 kW/hr
  • Flow Rate 250 GPM 56.8 m3/hr
  • Condensing Conditions
  • Temp 70° F 21.1° C
  • Condensing Load 2,423,500 BTU/hr 710.1 kW/hr

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