BioRoter Compost Digester

Economical Manure, Plant Waste and Mortality Management

BioRoter Compost Digester For Enhanced Bio-Security

Our BioRoter is a proven alternative to traditional mortality management methods. It provides a cost-efficient and environmentally sound solution to mortality management, reducing biosecurity risks and reducing many of the concerns associated with traditional methods of disposal. Our biomass composting vessel meets provincial regulations and requirements for disposal of mortality.

Biosecurity benefits include; third party pickup carry the risk of cross-contamination. Our composter allows you to control your mortalities on-site, reducing the risk of disease in your healthy animals. Since the mortalities are enclosed, you will be able to control intrusion of wildlife, insects, and rodents. Our integrated heating systems assure full composting at temperatures high enough to destroy disease causing organisms.

Biomass composting is a continuous process – summer and winter – processing barn mortalities on site and under your control, within an incredibly short time. The cost of owning and operating a biomass composter is comparable to that of other mortality management options.

Our composter produces high and consistent quality compost that can be used as a soil enhancer, fertilizer, bedding material, and to control soil erosion of lagoon banks. Other benefits of our composter include: out-of-site process makes it attractive to neighbors, reduced risk of diseased causing organisms and odour, environmentally friendly – it eliminates leaching and ground contamination, reuses finished compost to replace part of new shavings and reduces energy consumption, removes challenges of winter composting and uses half the shavings required for bin composting, can be integrated to our greenhouse gas displacement system for complete and safe incineration of composted material.

The biomass composter provides hassle free operation – load carcasses and shavings into the vessel, turn it on each day and it will make four rotations, let nature do the rest for you. The 30ft composter has the capacity to handle an average of 350lbs of mortality per day. This amounts to approximately 2,450lbs per week or 127,400lbs per year. It requires approximately one pound of shavings for each pound of mortality. Mortalities are processed into compost in 10 to 14 days. The biomass composter reduces employee operating time. During winter months hot water heating is used to keep conditions inside the biomass composter suitable for composting, heat can be provided through a hookup to any hot water heater or to our biomass fired greenhouse gas displacement system.

See our video showing our BioRoter in operation. Our system is approved for waste product denaturing. Medical cannabis growers appreciate this cost effective method of waste management.

See our trailer mounted BioRoter video



  • Heavy duty steel construction: 1⁄4” wall steel drum, 0.188 thick tube frame
  • Powder coating of parts is optional
  • Expandable to meet future needs with options for a flanged end drum and frame
  • Automated continuous processing (24/7 – 365 days) allows most organic matter to compost in 1 week


  • Reduces bio-security risks, destroying pathogens during the composting process
  • Produces high quality compost that can be used as a soil amendment, natural fertilizer, bedding material, and soil erosion control
  • Substantial cost savings associated with operational waste management

Our Customers:

  • Hog operations can improve bio-security risks by composting mortalities on site.
  • Poultry farmers can compost both chicken litter and mortalities on site.
  • Dairy and beef operations can compost manure and mortalities, reducing bio- security risks.
  • Licensed legal cannabis producers recognize significant savings utilizing the BioRoter, to destroy waste from production operations.
  • Seed processors can compost all organic waste instead of burning and work the compost back into the ground.
  • Abattoirs recognize greatly reduced waste management cost using the BioRoter compared to tipping fees.

Additional Options:

We offer a variety of add-ons and additional products for all your composting needs.


  • Hydronic heating systems for extremely cold environments.
  • Slow speed shredders to breakdown and pre-process material.
  • Screens to separate bones and other debris from fully processed compost.
  • Receiving bins
  • Custom hoppers
  • Conveyors

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