About Triple Green Energy

Our History

Vidir Machine was started by Willie B. Dueck in 1979 as a farm repair shop in Vidir, MB. By 1995 Vidir was manufacturing carpet carousels and cutting machines.

Willie’s oldest son, Raymond ran a successful lumber company from 1972 – 1985. In 1985 he started what was to become ProfitMaster Computer Systems Canada, and grew the company into the largest lumberyard targeted POS system, processing more than $500,000,000 sales annually for his customers.

When Raymond joined Vidir Machine Shop, in late ’95, the company had 16 employees.

Under his leadership, the company grew to 160 employees in 6 new companies, including Vidir Florida, Vidir Teulon, Vidir Morris, Vidir Bins, and Biomass Energy System Technologies Inc. Mr. Dueck is a registered inventor with more than a dozen patents. For a list of his patented inventions, click here.

During the early years Biomass Energy System Technologies Inc. developed the two stage combustion TGE (Triple Green Energy) series of biomass furnaces. The TGE series was developed to burn straw and other types of grasses, which contain a high concentration of silica.

In 2016 the company decided to add additional product to their lineup in addition to the TGE series by developing a new TGC (TripleGreenCast) series and concentrating on marketing the TripleGreenFlame and GreenAirHeat models by SCW Manufacturing.