Do you heat with Coal, Propane, or Electricity? Save 50 - 80% of your heating bill! Ask us how! Now with more options TripleGreenFlame and GreenAirHeat systems

See the fuel comparison chart at the bottom of this page! 

See our LSAM video.  The EB350GHG power generator integrated with our TGE3000.  Ask us about absorption chillers for air conditioning and freezing.

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TGE3000 Containerized

3,000,000 BTU

900 kW thermal

100 bHP

Other sizes available

This solid fuel close-coupled combustor  is a non-pressurized, updraft design where primary pyrolysis takes place on a fixed rotating grate fuel bed located in the primary chamber and final combustion of the gasses takes place in the patented secondary chamber.  Both primary and secondary chambers are refractory lined and able to withstand temperatures up to 3,000ºF.  Post-combustion gasses are maintained at 1,000ºC for more than 1 second at plus 6% O2 in the exhaust gas stream making the system eligible for MSW and bio-hazards incineration.

The patented silica trap captures the silica inherent in straw and reed based biomass. No other system can do this!

One bale can heat 100 homes for 1 hour in the coldest winter.

Triple Green Energy's TGE series hot water system uses wood chips, straw and other biomass to create heat and power. Straw is a renewable, sustainable fuel that is greenhouse gas neutral. You could realize a savings of up to 90% off your heating bill.

The Ontario Invasive Plant Council (OIPC) is a multi-sector, non-profit group committed to the collaboration of organizations and citizens in order to more effectively respond to the threat of invasive plants in Ontario. Our system can help in the fight against invasive species!

Possible users include:

  • Nursery and greenhouse growers

  • Poultry, Hog, and Dairy operations

  • Industrial complexes

  • Commercial buildings

  • District heating for communities

Contact us to arrange for a tour of our facilities to see this technology first hand.




FUEL COST COMPARISON CHART - ESTIMATED - varies with local conditions

* TGE3000 is shown in this picture of our close-coupled two-stage combustor system.

  Energy Source BTU Unit Effici- ency Cost/unit Cost per million BTU Woodchip % Savings Annual unit Usage Annual Cost Savings / Cost  
              5 years  
  Oil 36,175 Litre 75% $0.70 $25.80 87% 173,932 $121,753 $228,763  
  Electric 3,409 Kwh 95% $0.08 $24.70 87% 1,457,134 $116,571 $202,853  
  Natural Gas 35,513 M3 85% $0.25 $8.28 61% 156,330 $39,083    
  Propane 23,595 Litre 95% $0.38 $16.95 81% 200,000 $76,000 $380,000  
  Coal 28,402,000 Tonne 65% $123 $6.66 51% 256 $31,441    
  Wood Chips 15,332,500 Tonne 80% $40 $3.26 0% 385 $15,389 -$303,056  
  Wheat straw 8,456,710 500 k 85% $20 $2.78 -17% 656 $13,130 -$314,351  
  Swamp Grass 8,456,710 500 kg 85% $20 $2.78 -17% 656 $13,130 -$314,351  
  Flax straw 9,455,795 500 k 85% $15 $1.87 -75% 587 $8,807 -$335,965  
  BioHeat is the most economical, carbon neutral heat resource available today  
  Cost comparison to propane - please call us for a customized calculation  

Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council (MRAC) has administered $189,000 in Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada funding to BEST Inc and its partners U of Manitoba and ManSEA for: Developing air control strategies for gasification using agri-feedstocks for non-attended operations project lead by BEST Inc.

 Call us at 204-806-2378 / 204-883-2378 for a demo of this revolutionary system.


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